Thursday, August 8, 2013

Euro Sci-Fi Disco Environmentalism

So... this whole thing began innocently enough, a Google search that looking up old German New Wave Bands- a pretty typical internet search for me. Well, I was watching some old Nina Hagen videos and listening to Wir Leben Immer Noch, a cover of Lene Lovich's Lucky Number, which got me looking up Ms. Lovich's biography (the storied WLIR used to play a lot of songs by Lene Lovich, but I never thought to look up her biography. Anyway, poking around, I found out that she wrote the lyrics to a smash Euro-disco science fiction hit which is scarily prescient (there must have been something in the air in the 1970s, because the album "Germfree Adolescents" by the X-Ray Spex was as perspicacious as any document put out by a contemporaneous trend-watcher or science fiction author). Supernature is a cautionary tale about agricultural chemical runoff mutating creatures which then take their revenge on humankind. You can also dance your ass off to it:

The song's sound is way ahead of its time, if you added some autotune, it could have been this year's "Daft Punk" release rather than a 1977 release. In 1986, Lene Lovich released her own version of the song:

Until tonight, I had never known that there existed Euro-disco sci-fi cautionary tales. Previously, I thought the only Euro-disco cautionary tales were of a historic nature.