Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Paucity of Beat

I hastily added a footnote to last post to explain that its title was lifted from the song Spar Wid Me by the band known here in the States as The English Beat, a "Two Tone Ska Revival" band from Brummagem. In looking through the archives, I noticed that the one prior entry mentioning "The Beat" was the post I wrote concerning Maggie Thatcher's death in which I embedded a video for the song Stand Down, Margaret. As kids, my siblings and I played the hell out of "Special Beat Service" and an album which compiled singles from the band's other two albums "I Just Can't Stop It" and "Wha'ppen?" I feel that I must now rectify this lack of "Beat" on my blog.

Here's one of my all-time favorite songs by the band, Best Friend from "I Just Can't Stop It", a snarky song about the difficulties of dating someone conceited:

Mirror in the Bathroom had an altogether darker theme, the descent of a self-absorbed narrator into madness:

Jeanette is a humorous account of a one-night stand, starting with a pair "meeting cute" and ending with them swapping false addresses after an unforgettable night:

I'm going to cap off the video embeds with Ranking Full Stop, which beautifully showcases the rapidfire vocal virtuosity of "toastmaster" Ranking Roger:

It must be noted that "The Beat" had to add a national descriptor to their name here in the states because a contemporary American band was named The Beat. The American Beat was a power pop outfit which rose from the ashes of a band called The Nerves, known best for the song Hanging on the Telephone, which was a hit for Blondie. Here's America's Beat:

Apparently, there was no animosity resulting from the sharing of names across the Atlantic and the two bands went on a Transatlantic Beat Tour last year.


mikey said...

I have always loved "Save it for Later" and it finds its way into most of my playlists at one point or another...

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Well, thanks for SkaSplaining it.

Of course, I recognized it from the outset.

I am actually a bit surprised at how SIFL shows up in mikey playlists. There is so little big hair in that song....

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Also, just to be even more annoying, Saw Paul Collins do an opening set for, yes, the currently touring set of teh English Beat.

Laura said...

I've never heard of this band. I only had time to listen to the first song.. (kids wanting computer) but it was really good. I'll have to come back for a listen to the rest. :)

HOpe that your summer is going well. I can't believe it's almost over!!!!


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Kids Wanting Computer could be a good ska song!