Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Felt Old and Decrepit Today

The last couple of days have been a slog- I arrived at work around 7PM on Sunday to avoid driving through the blizzard at its peak, and ended up leaving at almost 4PM the following day. Upon arriving at home, I found that the snowplows had left huge piles of snow at the sides of the local streets, so I had to carve out a parking spot. My next door neighbors (who are wonderful) let me park in their driveway while I dug out a parking spot. I usually help them shovel snow because they are both getting on in years- they got help from a former co-worker yesterday. Anyway, I spent a couple of hours digging out a spot. A couple of hours of grunt work at the tail end of a thirty-hour endurance tour left me completely wiped out- I ate a quick dinner, brushed my teeth, and passed out for the next fourteen hours.

I woke up around noon, still aching from shoveling, and made plans to meet an old friend who was in town visiting his parents. I met my friend and his father, a retired professor of the Slavic languages department of a major northeastern university. My friend's father had just finished a physical therapy appointment- he is recovering from a minor stroke. The good professor's charmingly accented baritone was hushed, his burly frame was diminished... thankfully, his sharp wit hadn't been dulled by his stroke (as an aside, I always find that the ability to be funny in a second language to be a clear-cut mark of intelligence). I snapped out of my "cripes, I'm hurtin' for certain" mood, and remembered how fortunate I am.


Vonnie said...

Wishing a snow blower will arrive in your area some time soon. What is this shoveling thing?
Hope you are feeling better.
Another lovely post, by the way.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Hang in there, BBBB. Spring will show up, eventually.

P.S. What Von said.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Wishing a snow blower will arrive in your area some time soon. What is this shoveling thing?

Snow blowers are for the weak- I prefer not to be supported by mechanical resources.

M. Bouffant said...

Even mere bilingual puns can indicate higher brain activity.

And really, all one needs is one's mind & a Rascal. (W/ plow attachment, for less hospitable climes.)

Glennis said...

Stay warm & dry, BBBB.

I speak only for myself, of coruse, but M. Bouffant is probably subjected to the same cold and sloppy rain I'm contending with here in LA.

My husband and son enjoyed a bowl of hot goat soup in Korea-town yesterday to ward off the chills! Me in Santa Monica not so lucky.