Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Ten Years on the Job

Today is a very special anniversary, the tenth year of one of our star employees. No, not myself, my fourteenth anniversary is in August. I'm talking about my beloved Ginger, pictured here in her rookie year:

Ginger was a package deal with her brother Fred, who we lost to cancer three years ago. Here's a picture of the two in happier times:

Fred and Ginger were given to us by a former site manager who takes care of feral cats in her neighborhood. When one of her ferals had a litter of kittens, she knew that the place would be a perfect spot for two cats to live well, and to live usefully as our Rodent Abatement Team. The fact that we are staffed with cat lovers only sweetened the pot.

Ginger is currently on furlough due to the 'rona, she's staying with one of our managers, who has been with her from the start... he was the one who transported them from the home of their original benefactress, and is usually the one to take our cats for their veterinary checkups. I haven't seen the dear girl since March, but get regular updates in how she's doing. Hilariously, she gets put on a leash and taken for walks, which I find hard to believe (here, she has the run of a twenty-five acre property for most of the day, before she works her building all night).

In a few minutes, we are having a Zoom 'conference' to celebrate Ginger's anniversary. I haven't seen most of my coworkers in way too long, due to COVID-19 furloughs, so it's going to be a nice reunion all around, as well as a celebration of a beloved, and valued, coworker.


Anathema Device said...

happy anniversary to a beautiful, awesome kitty!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

She's really an amazing beast. Her deeds (getting into a class trip's lunches and eating the principal's food, mooching ice cream during public events) will pass into local legend.

Ali Redford said...

I love the kitty posts! (I love all the posts; I just extra-love the kitty posts!)