Wednesday, July 1, 2020

It's Astounding, Time Is Fleeting

2020 has been a bizarre year, to be sure. One of the standard jokes early in the year was that April had about seven-hundred days. That was back in the shutdown stage, when every day blended together into an amorphous timeblob. Supermarket shelves were pretty bare, so even eating involved throwing a bunch of stuff in a Dutch oven and keeping a perpetual stew going on the stove. I was lucky, in that my work schedule was never disrupted, though the seasonal influx of coworkers. contractors, and visitors never materialized. Even now, I'm pretty much in 'Winter Mode' on the job, stuck without having to perform the weekly ritual of opening the place up for the day and greeting the incoming 'day people'.

June, on the other hand, was pretty much 'blink and you'll miss it'. The individual days aren't that different, but favorite restaurants are now open for takeout and, if possible, open air dining. I've been able to get together with friends that I hadn't seen in person since March (though we've been good about using platforms such as Zoom and Discord to chat, and even get a weekly board game going). The routine of work has been leavened by the influx of new faces, and the mere fact that the daylight hours are longer, affording more of an opportunity to see the critters that have adjusted to the new 'less-human' normal. I'm still in denial about it being July already.

Post title taken from this classic number and its associated dance.

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