Thursday, February 20, 2020

I Can't Believe It's Not Trump!

I didn't watch last night's Democratic debate, having spent much of the evening attending a state-mandated annual training course for licensing purposes, and the rest of the evening writing about using pulsar timing arrays to detect gravitational waves. I did, though, watch Elizabeth Warren's evisceration of Bloombito, and it was a thing to behold.

Bloomberg is basically Trump Lite, being a champion of racist policies and having a history of sexual harassment. Sure, he's a self-made billionaire, and a lot smarter than Trump, but his piggishness is merely better hidden than that of true vulgarian Trump. Trump's history of misconduct is buried by NDA's, and so is Bloomberg's history of misconduct:

I'll be voting for Elizabeth Warren in the primaries. It's time that a woman take the reins of power in order to get this country off of the calamitous course that greedy, regressive old men have followed. I can't help but think that Bloomberg is running merely to protect the huge tax cut he got under the GOP. If he thinks that Trump is embarrassing, he should run as a Republican... fix the party of Trump, Gohmert, and Gaetz. He should be escorted off the Democratic debate stage... it's too bad that we don't have Sandman Sims around anymore.

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