Monday, February 17, 2020

Geekly Day of Obligation?

I'm thinking of seeing The Rise of Skywalker tonight, more as the nerdly equivalent of a holy day of obligation than a burning need to see the film. To be honest, I'm more excited about Mark Hamill being cast as Skeletor in a 'He-Man' reboot (though Henry Rollins being cast as Triclops is even funnier). I figure it won't be in the theaters much longer- as it is, it's not playing in any of the cinemas in Yonkers, so I will probably see it in a mall theater the next county over. Luckily, this being President's Day, traffic probably won't be too bad.

I figure I'll add on to this post after I see the film. It hasn't garnered very good reviews, and I imagine it won't be as entertaining as the last 'Star Wars' project I watched, but it is supposed to finish a story arc that began in 1977, which contains some of my favorite films (Phantom Menace, natch!). I'm not one for nerdrage, but I'm also not one to gild a turd. Rest assured, though, if the movie is terrible, it won't have retroactively ruined my childhood.

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