Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Working Election Day

As is typical, my workplace is the polling place for the municipality in which it's located. Once again, I find myself at work, making sure that things go smoothly for the poll workers (I had to reset the breakers for the optical scanners... how I miss the old, clunky mechanical voting machines). The turnout has been high during the day because we have a retirement community up the road which has been shuttling residents to our site at regular intervals. It's always a bit of a weird day, I'm not usually here at this time.

I've been sporadically listening to the radio, and have logged on quickly to post this and to glance at some of the blogs. I'll vote when I get home (my polling place is right across the street from my house), then maybe hit a bar to watch the coverage (if I can be arsed watching the slo-mo horse race).

The one Election Day song that comes to mind is The New World by L.A. workhorses X, a band I have always loved. Crank this one, folks:

Don't forget the motor city!

As an added note, quite hilarious, an elderly woman arrived with one of the attendants from the assisted living community, and made a comment about her earrings- they were made out of beer bottle caps and they had "OBAMA" stenciled on them. Awesome, if I were allowed to discuss politics withing 100 feet of the polls, I'd have given her a high five.


mikey said...

I've been rockin' Da Skorps "Winds of Change".

Always kinda felt that was one of the most positive political songs ever, and I still remember how absolutely unbelievably STUNNING the rapid collapse of the Iron Curtain actually was. I can only try to imagine what that felt like to the people who had grown up knowing no other way...

kennymfg said...

X did a very cool version of See How We Are for The People Speak documentary type thing. Great band.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Election Song