Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Bad Bald Bastard, Indeed

Snark Central co-proprietor D. Aristophanes made a reference to underground comics artist Richard Corben in a comment thread. I'm most familiar with Corben's work through the "DEN" sequence in BOOB-bedizened animated movie Heavy Metal, based on Corben's "DEN" material in French adult comic Metal Hurlant. This bit, voiced by the late John Candy, never fails to crack me up, although the comic version apparently had the protagonist "walking around with his dork hanging out" quite a bit. Well, the "DEN" character, a big bad bald bastard catapulted to an alien planet/alternate universe, originated in an animated short called
Neverwhere, which I'd never heard of... until tonight, when I found it in the t00bz. The short has a real "Edgar Rice Burroughs" feel to it:

This brief clip reminded me of one of the great "what if" moments of American animation- famed animator Bob Clampett collaborated with Edgar Rice Burroughs' son on a project to bring ERB's "Barsoom" books to the screen. Ah, what could have been:

As a postscript, I swear that I did not post the Clampett short in an effort to make Johnny Pez cry... honest!


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Hang out in the bar too long, and one is apt to go soom.

Smut Clyde said...

based on Corben's "DEN" material in French adult comic Metal Hurlant.

Checking the Pickyweedia, I see that DEN can boast of a complex publication history, with a two-part version appearing in Métal Hurlant, which Corben then expanded into a 12-part version for Heavy Metal (the US magazine, not the movie).

I only remember the sequel, which appeared in HM in the early 80s.

I only read HM for Lou Stathis' music reviews.
And the Annoying Post Brothers.

Did I mention that I used to own a copy of the trade edition of Dr Adder -- the version illustrated by Matt Howarth -- signed by Jeter? Do not lend books.

Johnny Pez said...

Liar. You made me weep like a televangelist.

B^4 said...

Liar. You made me weep like a televangelist.

I figured I would, but it wasn't my intention. Sorry, old chum!

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