Tuesday, July 13, 2021

It's a Death Cult, Part I've Lost Count

The American right-wing is a death cult, pure and simple.  Amid the general disinformation and misinformation, indeed malinformation, this clip from Newsmax is particularly deranged, particularly evil:


The real shcoker here is not the blithe assertion that a disease “supposed to wipe out a certain amount of people” is no big deal, it is that a Newsmax host said that Evolution by Means of Natural Selection is real. Of course, this monster screws everything up by not realizing that the main adaptation that allowed human evolutionary success is our intelligence, the intelligence which allowed us to invent vaccines. The host also betrays a shocking ignorance about viruses and bacteria, they are not 'supposed to wipe out' anything, they are supposed to reproduce, and any pathogenic effects are incidental. The vary fact that vaccines aren't 'natural' is significant, because humans mainly adapt through our culture now, not our genetics. Want to venture underwater? There are machines which can allow that, no need for larger lung capacity, and anti 'bends' adaptations. Want to achieve immunity to a pathogen? Well, vaccines harness the power of the immune system to reduce mortality, but the process is artificial, making it less likely that a disease will, as this creep said, wipe out a certain amount of people. Conservatism is a death cult now, a genocidal death cult, at that.

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