Friday, July 30, 2021

By 'the Internet', He Means 'QAnon'

Via Tengrain, we have the handwritten notes of former Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue detailing a conversation regarding Trump's efforts to pressure the DoJ to indicated that last year's presidential election had been corrupted.

Trump asked DoJ officials to sow the seeds of doubt so he and his flunkies in Congress could work to overturn the election: The most bizarre part of the conversation was the famously tech-illiterate Trump chiding Donoghue for 'not following the internet like I do': Trump doesn't use the internet, as a whole, so by 'the internet' he meant 'Twitter'. As NBC's Ben Collins pointed out, Trump's Twitter feed at the time was a farrago of misinformation provided by grifters and trolls: Yeah, by 'the internet', Trump basically meant 'QAnon'. At the end, this most consummate of grifters, the conman who conned his way into the Presidency of the United States, turned out to be a mark himself.


Richard said...

It is total and complete crap. It is shit with oregano. How can those scribblings even be understood? Of course his toadies will understand this secret communication. It means they have a secret code that only they can understand.
I liked it better when i was learning sindarin. At least, i had a whole world.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

The original documents would be a lot more legible. If this sinks the whole anti-democratic push by the GOP, those scribblings will be of vast importance.

Ten Bears said...

'Bout 2018 I started calling the Ruskies' game the perfect game, Pooty did everything right, played the long odds and it pretty much paid off. Except for the mark, except for the rube.

We got lucky.

Al said...

FYI. Our demented and mentally handicapped US President, Joe Biden, just allowed Daniel Hale to be sentenced to four years in prison for telling the truth about how the evil US Empire is bombing the shit out of people in the Mideast. Joe Biden has bombed Iraq, Syria and Yemen in his first six months in office with bipartisan Democrat and Republican support. Please tell me who Russia has bombed in the last six months.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

'Bout 2018 I started calling the Ruskies' game the perfect game

I think this started off as home-grown shitposting, then was co-opted by the Watkins to boost traffic to 8Chan.

Please tell me who Russia has bombed in the last six months.

Khorosho, tovarisch! You get 2 ruble per week raise!