Monday, July 26, 2021

Devin Q-Nes vs Holobiden

My prediction is that next year's Republican primary elections are going to be an utter shitshow, involving the challenging of 'insufficiently right-wing' Tea Party assholes by even crazier QAnon whackjobs.  It is in this light that I am seeing Devin Nunes' transformation into Devin Q-nes- sure, he's corrupt, but his Iberian surname and insufficiently Nordic complection might work against him in a Republican showdown.  At any rate, Nunes has gone full-on QAnon while appearing on Maria Bartiromo's Fox Business show:


 As an aside, I am ecstatic that we have a president who doesn't speak in 30-second soundbites. The presidency is a complex job, involving policies and processes which cannot be expressed in fifteen or thirty seconds. The right-wing has been rendered unable to think coherently by their reliance on memes... they simply cannot formulate more complex thoughts. 

My real takeaway from Nunes' appearance, though, is that he's flirting with a bizarre right-wing conspiracy theory that their enemies are clones, body doubles, or 'deepfakes'.  One of the more horrible QAnon 'influencers' even formulated the conspiracy theory that Biden is right-wing actor James Woods in a mask.  Even the specific 'Biden is a hologram' trope is a few months old.

So far, no primary challenger to Nunes has materialized, but I suspect that he is trying to tack even further right to forestall any ac-Q-sations that he is insufficiently pure.  I have to confess that I am fascinated by the QAnon conspiracy theory, so I picked up on this weird bit immediately, but I suspect that it confused a lot of people not attuned to this sort of thing.


emjayay said...

As everyone knows, Biden isn't really the president and is only deluded into thinking that because they put him in a 7/8ths scale White House set in Atlanta.

And COVID shots make you magnetic and your keys will all stick to your face.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

That bit about him living in a scaled-down White House on Tyler Perry's estate was precious.