Sunday, October 13, 2019

Work/Life Balanced Diet

October is a slog, and this October has been particularly busy. I really haven't had any time to cook at home, so most of my meals for the past two weeks have been in slice form or on slices. I'm not knocking pizza, though, there are spinach and broccoli pizzas which make a good vegetable delivery system. On a day off last week, I went to the local Indian restaurant for their buffet, so I could get enough saag and aloo gobi in me to provide vegetable content for a week. Before crunch time, I bought a big jar of multivitamin gummies so at least I don't contract scurvy or rickets during this busy month.

I had a very funny conversation this weekend with one of our contractors, a droll young woman from upstate New York, about the vicissitudes of eating during crunch season and, in her case, a long stretch of long drives. I joked about forcing my self to consume vegetables: "Eat something green!" She responded in her typical fashion: "I had a can of Pringles for lunch... at least the can was green."


Ali Redford said...

Oh, bless you all-it's almost half finished, now! :-)

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Thanks, Ali. I can't complain, I have an opportunity to rest my feet for a couple of days.