Monday, October 28, 2019

A Day for Brightness

Diwali, the festival of lights which originally commemorated Rama and Sita's return to the city of Ayodhya, started yesterday. It's a holiday symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil. I decided to hit a local Indian restaurant for lunch... their lunch buffet is one of the best meal values in the area, with impeccable service and a wide variety of dishes (today, a dish attributed to the divine hero Bhima was one of the featured selections). After a weekend of quick meals wolfed down before work, a lavish meal with a variety of vegetable dishes was just what the gastroenterologist ordered.

In these dark days, one finds flashes of brightness where one can... and I have to admit to an almost unseemly glee at Vulgarmort getting booed while attending last night's World Series game. It was nice to see him learn how he is regarded outside of his self-imposed bubble, in front of a crowd not composed of hand-picked sycophants. My favorite part of this imposition of reality is the change of expressions on the faces of Vulgarmort and the First Concubine as realization sets in:

I have to confess that I have listened to a variety of videos taken of the event, and basking in the delightful Schadenfreude has certainly brightened my day. I hope this presages a victory of light over darkness, of good over evil.

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