Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A Betrayal Most Foul... Again

A little more than a year ago, I worried about the US abandoning Kurdish allies in Syria, and it looks like this nightmare scenario is going to happen, with the US Army set to pull out as a Turkish army masses at the border. It's an odd scenario, with two nominal US allies being implacable foes. NATO member Turkey will most likely massacre the independent Kurds in northeastern Syria.

The United States government has betrayed the Kurds on numerous occasions, preferring to support dubious allies over the constant Kurds. Another betrayal of the Kurds would be particularly horrific- besides being instrumental in the defeat of the ISIS 'caliphate', the Kurdish territory of Rojava has been created on a model of women's equality, religious pluralism, and multiculturalism... the fact that it is anticapitalist will probably seal its doom. Feminist anarchist collectives aren't exactly in line with the rising tide of fascism-curious Western regimes. While most Americans, even some of the worst among us, seem to realize that this betrayal is a bad idea, the Trump dead-enders have already begun to spin it as a good thing. The end result just might mark the resurgence of ISIS in Syria and the fracturing of NATO... it will surely signal to America's smaller allies that the US is not to be trusted.

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