Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October: The Yearly Slog

October is our big Fall fundraising month, so it's always a slog. Oddly enough, though, the worst part for me has been last week and this week, in the runup to the big month. Once October gets into full swing, I actually have fewer hours to work, but it'll be a run of six week days. At least I won't be working 5PM-7AM overnight slogs.

October typically means a month of scheduling posts, often about Gothic or horror novels/authors or films/shows. I tend to go light on politics and current events for the month, only occasionally keeping an eye on news just to avoid 'falling off the skin of the Earth'. Even my social life takes a bit of a hiatus- I preface the month by telling everyone, "I'm going to pull a Captain Nemo, I will surface in a month."

When November arrives, things get quiet again. I can't complain about the October endurance tour, though, the fundraisers are what keep my paychecks from bouncing.

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