Thursday, October 31, 2019

A Bunch of Scary Little Treats

Today is Hallowe'en, a day on which I invariably work (therefore, I am a 'designated noncombatant' in the Halloween Culture Wars). Not being around, I haven't dealt with trick-and/or-treaters in over a decade... call me an Old Man Grumpus, but I prefer to describe myself as 'not a type two diabetes vector'. I figure, though, that I can pass out some scary little treats to my readers, in the form of a link to author Gail Simone's Six Word Horror Story Challenge:

Some of the entries are hilarious, some creepy. I just came up with one myself:

"This meat isn't on the menu."

This challenge gives me a real Fredric Brown vibe- Brown was the master of the short short story, many of them both creepy and funny.

Now, aren't these six word treats better than any candy? Happy Halloween, folks!

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