Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Why Was I Not Informed?

I am on the record as a big Paul Frees fan. He was good as the Burgomeister Meisterburger and fantastic as Boris Badanov. Today I discovered a vexing lacuna in my Paul Frees knowledge... Paul Frees did an album of cover songs, singing as celebrity impersonations. I never knew I needed Paul Frees impersonating Peter Lorre singing the Beatles:

Here's Mr Frees as Boris Karloff singing Dusty Springfield:

I am now a significant step closer to being a Paul Frees completist.


Unknown said...

Haha haha!! Omg.....I love it!

Laura Chiaramida said...

Whoops....sorry...it seems my name didn't publish. Its Laura, from Cleaning House, Baking Cookies.

mcfrank said...

I had no idea how many familiar voices this man performed. Thanks for the links!

Li'l Innocent said...

Ever hear Spike Jones' rendition of "My Old Flame"? Spike's band of anarchists included a champ Lorre imitator. I'm sure Paul Freex was aware of him, whoever he was. They may even have had drinks together!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Good to hear from you, Laura, facciabella! You are always welcome here. How is your fam? Is Mass shaving yet?

You're welcome, Frank. He was always a favorite of mine.

That was Frees, Lil, doing that Lorre imitator.