Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Free Stuff Is for Those Who Don’t Need It

I’m at the Woodlawn subway terminal, on a 4 Train which has just embarked for Manhattan and Brooklyn. The MTA has provided free Wi-Fi for its underground stations, but not for the elevated train stations in the Bronx. Funny, the people up here have less money to spend on data plans than Manhattanites.

As usual, here in the ‘States, free stuff is not provided for the people who most need it.


M. Bouffant said...

On the other side of the continent our stations (& the tubes between) have cell service, but no Wi-Fi. Buses are getting Wi-Fi, but it doesn't always connect.

There are some bus shelters/ad spaces w/ Wi-Fi, & even one I've seen w/ a USB plug.

Could be worse for the wretched, I guess. Only problem is molasses-like movement. It'll probably be a race between getting the subway to the ocean (2035-ish) & getting everything adequately connected.

Unknown said...

BBB, this is the man with the Vitamin J. Call me, you Big, Beautiful Bastard