Friday, August 10, 2018

Rancho Del Rana

I have noted before that my jobsite is home to a plethora of large amphibians. We have the sort of bullfrogs that endanger even snapping turtle hatchlings. I mean, these things are all maw and hind legs! These are exactly the sort of beauties that could have earned you BIG BUX, because retro magazine ads never lie:

Yeah, back in the 1930s, frog ranching was the industry of the future... I mean, how could you possibly fail? It's just as easy as raising silkworms.

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Li'l Innocent said...

Pictures, please!
I was doing picture research on frogs once, and came across a great one showing 2 fine macho specimens (I assume they were males) facing off at the opposite ends of a desirable vernal drainage ditch. I had to learn to draw frogs,and found it fascinating.