Thursday, January 29, 2015

Keep Xenu Out of Our Schools

A recent local scandal concerns a Church of Scientology backed group running anti-drug programs in the NYC public school system. The Foundation for a Drug Free World is promulgating myths about drugs that make Reefer Madness seem tame by comparison:

The real danger of a Scientologist-run anti-drug program in the schools is Scientology's hostility to psychiatry- a Scientology affiliated anti-drug program could conceivably present a message that all drugs, even those in the pharmacopeia are bad. If they are allowed to promulgate this message, how soon before they busted out the E-meters in the classroom?

The irony of this Scientology-backed anti-drug program is that it coincides with increasing interest in marijuana legalization. Maybe the city should put together a comprehensive drug education program similar to successful sex education programs- teach about the risks and responsibilities attendant to behaviors, and emphasize that certain behaviors are best indulged in when one is mature enough to handle them.

Keep the religious nuts out of our drug education as well as our sex education... there's no need for Satan or Thetans in our public schools.


Chickpea said...

Personally I think all religions should be kept out of education.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I personally agree with Chickpea.

Jim H. said...

At "Inherent Vice", I laughed audibly and alone at one of the lines where a woman, a former drug addict, was now a drug counselor in the schools counseling kids on making smarter choices of drugs. Abstinence be damned.

Oh, and personally, I echo what Chickpea and thunder said.