Monday, January 19, 2015

Can't They Cut the Crap for Just One Day?

Martin Luther King Day really brings out the viciousness, duplicity, and cognitive dissonance of American conservatives. On the one hand, they are laughably trying to claim that King would be a movement conservative, had he not been assassinated by a radical conservative white guy. On the other hand, they are trying to conflate King and LBJ with Nazis (while engaging in the same strategy that LBJ brought up: "take a simple thing and repeat it often enough, even if it wasn't true"). Meanwhile, in Arkansas, the troglodytes celebrate the birthday of traitor Robert E. Lee along with the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. who fought, non-violently, to hold the United States to the lofty ideals it claimed to espouse.

Can't these bottom-feeders knock it off for one day? One single day, in which they can simply shut their mouths, rather than shitting all over the legacy of a great, liberal, progressive hero?

Oh, who the hell am I kidding?


M. Bouffant said...

All crap all the time is their motto & mission.

We can only hope it's a realization in their deepest darkest mental places that their cause is lost & they must be on constant & crazed defense merely to keep pace.

mikey said...

While much of their agenda and messaging is consistent, even predictable, I must say a widespread public embrace of virulent racism by the political right was not something I saw coming.

The role of any political organization is to win elections. No agenda can be implemented without first winning the power to do so. So to intentionally alienate, indeed, to drive away with hatred and violence, wide swaths of the electorate entirely unnecessarily is hard to understand from a strategic standpoint.

They really are betting their future on old, rural white people, and most anybody can see that will lead to serious political marginalization...

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

A different take on Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy

Real change requires moral leadership and mass involvement.

By Jennifer Rubin
And by that, Jenocide means "BOMB IRAN!!!" Like every other day.

Patricia said...

What really got to me, was that everyone I worked with, didn't have anything to say about Reverend Martin Luther King. I personally believe, that when he really started talking about poverty, that was when he was the most dangerous.
And so it goes...A good post, like you, I am sick of it too.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

a widespread public embrace of virulent racism by the political right was not something I saw coming

And you portray yourself as a connoisseur of the degradation of civilization!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Probably should have mentioned this yesterday, but four of my projects have been named after the Doctor, being as they are on the street named after him and in a predominantly African-American neighborhood, which was a thriving black community prior to the white political power destroying it with freeways and neglects in the post-war periods....

Vixen Strangely said...

"take a simple thing and repeat it often enough, even if it wasn't true"

"What is the Big Lie, Alex?"

The Big Lie, like "the Democratic Party was Always Racist and the Republican Party was Always the Good Guys", should have gone out in 1964, but have somehow managed to exist past the death of Sen. Byrd--the guy who recanted being a KKK member early and often, and was totally for MLK Day--and even survived the attempts at hagiography of Jesse Helms, that old dirty bastard, as a guy Ted Cruz would like 100 of in the Senate, and Strom Thurmond, the support of whom contributed to the ousting of Trent Lott. But if you ever wanted to know some unhooded Klan bullshit--check out those records--Thurmond and Helms.

You can look at the use of Willie Horton in GHWB's 1988 campaign against Dukakis (and GWB was right there, trust) to see Atwater's southern strategy in full bloom.

The GOP clings to that "party of Lincoln" stuff because after 150 or so years, laurels are one cushy bed to lie and lie and lie on. Why would they give up their imaginary modern-day Democratic plantation nonsense, now? It would interfere with branching out into anti-immigration forays into the "no-go barrios" of US anti-immigrationists that mesh with Bobby Jindal's Muslim "No-go zones", and impedes the association Mike Huckabee wants to make with the "pimp" Jay Z and his lawfully married and equally partnered and independent AF and feminist spouse Beyoncé.

In other words--why would they suddenly break with such a storied tradition? Conservative what? Conservative who?