Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Tonight being the night of St Walpurgia, I guess today would be Walpurgis Night Day. Fittingly, we had our all-staff meeting today- four of my co-workers (and a former co-worker who has gone on to other endeavors) used to perform a hilarious "Three Witches" skit (three were always "on" with two alternate witches as substitutes) during our formerly low-key October fundraiser. They had a hilarious schtick, and they served as the custodians of lost children until the kids' parents could be directed to them for pickup. Funny, it's not typical for the people watching the kids to have a prominently displayed book titled "HOW TO COOK CHILDREN", but that's how those witches used to roll.

Our season begins this weekend, and much of the meeting concerned the post realignment procedures that will be put into place. There was a bit of "rah-rah", a bit of consternation about local press coverage of the "realignment". We had lunch, one of my co-workers made a presentation about a collection of literary works donated to the organization, and another made a presentation about a new app for one of our sites. I found out that a co-worker I really enjoy working with (she's a Yonkers girl, a tiny slip of a thing with red hair and glasses who looks like she could be Larry Kirwan's relative) is leaving the organization after twelve or so years. I facetiously asked her if she were going to tour on the MMA circuit... she's leaving to work for a non-profit that provides support of various kinds to families with terminally ill children. High five to her.

In the president's presentation, he brought up the possibility of creating different apps to appeal to different demographic groups (e.g. games like scavenger hunts to be played while visiting a site). After the meeting, I mentioned to him that we already have an "augmented reality" game being played on our site, albeit without official sanction. Yeah, I brought up the Portal People- hell, the Portal People have visited one of our sites as late as 2:30AM, maybe we can learn from them how to increase our "door".

So, that was my Walpurgisnachttag revel. Lunch was good, and I saw a lot of co-workers I haven't seen in a while. I got to sit next to a colleague I've never had the pleasure of working with before, a very charming sixtyish woman from, appropriately, Bavaria. Witches, Bavarians, what could be better on this particular day?

Don't answer that!


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

You can never have too many witches.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Thunder speaketh the truth!

Smut Clyde said...

a very charming sixtyish woman from, appropriately, Bavaria

From Ingolstadt I hope.

Syrbal/Labrys said...

Nothing is better than Bavaria....believe me.