Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bad Ego Trip

In a previous post I commented on the egotistical nature of the paranoid conspiracy theorist- that conviction that one is privy to a recondite knowledge that the common schmuck is blissfully unaware of, mixed with the surety that a powerful, shadowy cabal has one in its crosshairs. Nobody exemplifies this particular style to the extent that Texas crank Alex Jones does. Jones is the sort of guy who is still peddling the black helicopter nonsense from the 90's:

He's also been pushing the "New World Order" conspiracy theory so brilliantly sent up in Shea and Wilson's Illuminatus! trilogy. While Jones generally seems to steer clear of anti-semitism, his basic paranoid thesis is pretty much the one originated in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, just with the "Jewish" serial numbers filed off, and Jones doesn't shy away from having anti-semitic guests on his show.

Jones tends to apply the opposite of Occam's Razor to events... for example, he sees a criminal conspiracy on the part of the White House to explain the death of a rageaholic with a heart condition and substance abuse problems. Oddly enough, there's a conspiracy theorist who is convinced that Alex Jones was involved in the "assassination" of Andrew Breitbart. Suffice it to say. Jones is a one-man maelstrom of madness, albeit one with a cult following (he also shows up as a recurring guest on late-night Sasquatch radio). Jones was catapulted into a position of greater prominence when he was inexplicably invited to an interview on a mainstream cable news outlet this week, whereupon he had a meltdown, and issued a threat of violent revolution:

Shortly after his on-air meltdown, Jones retreated to his hotel room, where he spun a yarn about being followed by undercover cops and "Bloomberg's Mafia":

I imagine that, in his own mind, Alex Jones sees himself as a portly Jason Bourne, hounded by operatives of the "New World Order" at the behest of Mike "total Mafia" Bloomberg and Piers "Hatchet Man" Morgan. Jones' internal narrative can be titled "The Secret Life of Someone Shitty", a bad ego trip of particularly lurid fashion. In his latest video, he claims that he may be killed by "crackheads" in a false-flag operation. Oddly enough, for a guy who is constantly under the "threat" of "assassination" at the hands of the "New World Order", the guy has been around for about fifteen years.

POSTSCRIPT: Hilariously, even though he has ripped off Alex Jones for years, Glenn Beck is in the midst of a feud with Herr Jones:

As Thunder puts it, the schaden freudes itself!

As an added bonus, Leaving Alex Jonestown is an in-depth exploration of Mr Jones ouvre.


M. Bouffant said...

I think Jones' blather on the telly about the mega-banks who own us or whatever he said falls under anti-semitic code.

My favorite paranoia is where the head of the CIA/FBI himself is after you, like this woman who's convinced the LAPD's chief is after her.
The wife of Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck was granted a three-year restraining order today against a homeless woman who allegedly threatened to kill her.

Cindy Beck has accused Veronica Roberts, 43, of calling her cell phone numerous times since September 2012, claiming that the police chief was following and harassing her, according to City News Service. Roberts allegedly demanded that the police chief's actions stop during her phone conversations with Cindy, who says Roberts called her screaming last month and threatened to kill her at home.

Substance McGravitas said...

I'm kind of attracted to the idea of never being wrong; you just fold your failures into the conspiracy against you.

Dr.KennethNoisewater said...

I know that wingnuts dream of a world where they are free of blacks, latinos, sluts, liberals and anybody not exactly like them...but this post demonstrates that before they know it, even in their utopia, it will only be a matter of time before they turn on each other. Nastiness doesn't just disappear, it needs a place to go ,and in these people it will always find a place.

mikey said...

The two overarching threads in the conspiracy theorists worldview are the believe that they can see the patterns and are privy to the knowledge the rest of us are not, as the Bastard mentioned in this post, and an uncanny loyalty/intimidation factor in ALL these various conspiracies - no one ever writes a book, testifies, informs or otherwise breaks the perfect, hermetically sealed Omerta...