Saturday, January 12, 2013

Need a Bit of a Breather

I think I need a bit of a breather... the news has been filled with horrible people trying to prevent measures to reduce the general horribleness level from being taken. On a personal level, it's been a rough week and a half at work (interspersed with a bit of hilarity here and there which I really can't get into). Today is one of those days when I left the house around 8AM and won't get home until 1AM tomorrow. We had two classes, and I had three great fights with Gentle Jimmy G., so suffice it to say, I'll be one aching Bastard tomorrow. I got to work early to shoot the breeze with an awesome co-worker, and our conversation was pretty depressing, despite "corporate's" exhortation for us to be optimistic. The part-timers have their meeting on Monday, and I have a suspicion that a good number of them will quit- a lot of them are retired, and work with us out of a love for the site and the work. Even the weather is a downer- it's pretty warm, but the fog is thick enough to slice into pats to be spread on toast later. I think I need to submerge myself in a dreamy pop confection, preferably one sung by twin beauties... Brooklyn's School of Seven Bells takes its name from the, you guessed it, School of Seven Bells, a legendary school for pickpockets. A nifty pickpocketing awareness blog has the lowdown on the school:

According to Paul Higdon, an expert with the international police agency Interpol, the mysterious school for thieves got its name from the colorful final exam its graduates must pass.

In the test, the teacher poses as a mark, his body booby-trapped with seven small bells, each strategically placed. The students must slip valuables from each of seven pockets without ringing any of the attached bells.

Well, this band will only steal your, you guessed it, heart. Here's a video of a live perfomance of "Half Asleep", a song which I can identify with tonight:

The band is now a duo, as one of the lovely Dehaza sisters left the band in 2010.


Hamish Mack said...

See the great empowerment by the corporate masters! Fuck them all with narwhal spikes.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

...aaaaaaannnnnnnnd another one bites the dust!

mikey said...

I hope you will quickly find that addressing these horrible people and events, adding a thoughtful voice to the cacaphony and spitting the poison back into the bowl, as it were, is an important part of the process, and of all the things to need a "breather" from, saying your piece is not one of them. Good luck...

Dr.KennethNoisewater said...

Gah. I'm so sorry to be reading about all this upheaval, B^4. It's sooo depressing. I'm just glad you're hangin' on.

Will give the song a listen later.