Monday, January 18, 2021

The Annual Torrent of Hypocrisy

It's Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr Day, so that means that it's a day of right-wingers trying to claim the moral mantle of a man that they hate. The authorities persecuted King throughout his life and accused him of being a communist. King won, though, and has come to be regarded by the broader culture as a national saint, so right-wingers have tried to co-opt him for a decade or so. I mean, look at this hypocritical nonsense: MLK would have repudiated everything that Trump, the son of a klansman, stands for: his racism, his greed, his belligerence. There is no way that King would have supported the MAGA agenda, no matter what Deplorable trolls would have you think. It's an all-day cavalcade of grotesquerie from even the most unexpected quarters:

King, were he alive today, would be an unapologetic Social Justice Warrior (a peaceful one, of course), a crusader for economic justice, and a proponent of Black Lives Matter. Conservatives should just stop trying to claim his legacy... it's disgusting and it's not fooling anyone.  

POSTSCRIPT: THIS makes me want to holler.

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Anathema Device said...

THIS has been removed from the Whitehouse site :)