Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Georgia on our Minds

I decided not to obsess over the Georgia senate runoff elections all day because I knew that the results would not be apparent until well after the polls close.  Even now around 9:30PM, the margins are razor thin, the results not clear.  I'd occasionally pop in for a peak, seeing the typical news of long lines at the polls in majority minority districts.  I sure hope that Ossoff and Warnock win, but the mere fact that they are running neck-and-neck with their opponents is, as Joe Biden might put it, a BIG FUCKING DEAL.  Stacey Abrams and her Fair Fight organization have done immeasurable good in fighting voter suppression in Republican-run states.

Georgia's population is over thirty-two percent African-American, and if African-American voters are not prevented from casting ballots, that statistic goes a long way toward turning Georgia blue, when it is, surprisingly to me, already purple.  Mississippi and Alabama also have large African-American populations, so the reality of a solidly 'red' South is largely contingent on chicanery at the polls.

I doubt the runoff will be resolved before the clock strikes midnight, so I foresee having, like Ray Charles, Georgia on my mind for a while.

I just hope that the voters will have sent crooks Perdue and Loeffler packing by the time I get up tomorrow.


Jim H. said...

Dekalb County coming through, sir!

Ali Redford said...

They seem to have done so! I'm crying with relief, and am glad I spent a little time to help out. I now nominate Stacey Abrams for Supreme Commander of the Universe.

Richard said...

Thank you Dekalb County!

Richard said...

I was thinking about what we could do. I was getting so tired of that old man from Kentucky. If he likes his people so much why doesn't he live with them? What a thief.
He can take his cornmeal marble mouth mush and go fuck off. Fuck him. Fuck him twice.
That's my opinion.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Thank you, Georgia activists!