Monday, January 11, 2021

I Sense a Bit of a Theme Here

Last week was the longest, strangest decade of the 21st Century, so I figured I'd post, as Tengrain would put it, a palate cleanser. While 2020 was an utter crap year, it was a great year for music. I only put up two almost perfunctory music retrospective posts, but there are other songs from the year that I should gave covered. In this post, I will put up two songs with titles that express a somewhat common theme. 

From January, we have Burning Wooden Ship by London based music collective The Helipcentrics. Listening to this tune, I am very much reminded of the song Pendulum by Broadcast, a band led by Trish Keenan, who died all-too-young of complications of H1N1. Both songs have a metronomic quality, fronted by absolutely lovely vocals: 



The second song I'm posting is Ship by German band The Notwist, fronted by Saya, vocalist for Japanese band Tenniscoats. I love the sound, a sort of blend of electronica and Krautrock- it sounds to me like Kraftwerk and Can collaborated, and Saya's vocal is simply gorgeous, layered over the frenetic percussion: 



I have only peeked occasionally at the news today, last week being a Total News Overload. I know that things will be bad for the next few months, but I'm really looking forward to a return to Boring. I can find my own entertainment, thank you.

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