Friday, August 9, 2019

DIY Dada

Recently, while poking around the t00bz, I found a reference to a rather bizarre, hilarious cooking channel on YouTube. You Suck at Cooking is the creation of an anonymous, faceless narrator who dispenses jocular abuse along with cooking instructions of dubious utility, stop-motion animated dramas about eggs, and goofy songs accompanied by nature scenes or video of dogs playing. My introduction to the series was a reference to a 'Turkey Sandwich of Justice'

Since this introduction, I've been binge-watching the series, and some of the visual jokes are virtuosic, such as a cautionary tale about squeezing Brussels sprouts to hard while drying them. There are send-ups of insecure masculinity and loosey-goosey New Age moonbattery. A recurring joke about a Vitamix blender starts off with">an uproariously funny gag.

There are hints about the identity of the narrator, expounded on in the comments section... verbal tics indicated that he's a Canadian, visual cues about the scenery of the outdoor scenes suggest that he's filming in the Muskoka region of Ontario. At any rate, the narrator has a droll delivery, and his special effects are well-done. As a nice touch, he's cooking in a pretty mundane kitchen, definitely not the sort of showpiece you'd see in Better Homes and Gardens.

The series is an entertaining way to waste time, and occasionally, one of the recipes looks good. If you like DIY videos and 'Pythonesque' humor, you'd probably enjoy it.


Ali Redford said...

Hey-I can finally do a good turn here! From what I've read here you know all you need to about cooking, but for fun, give "Jenny Can Cook" a look. I had no idea she's so funny, but she is, and her dishes turn out well. Just standard stuff, but her vids have brightened more than one darker day. Enjoy!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Thanks for the tip! I also enjoy Chef John's 'Food Wishes', it's a fun combo of solid cooking tips, bad puns, pop culture references, and dad jokes. He is also an outspoken progressive, as most people who have worked in professional kitchens seem to be. They know who does the bulk of the tough labor in this country.