Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A Product of Violence and Inbreeding

One of the axioms of political life is that Steve King (R- Idiots Out Wandering Around) is the Worst Person in the World. He’s even worse than Louie Gohmert, because he is slightly more intelligent. At any rate, King let slip a Freudian ‘tell’ at a recent Con convo- he stated that much of the human population is the product of rape and incest. I guess when people talk of inbred royalty, they are talking about Kings. I’m not a ‘Quilette’ style phrenologist, though I have had a phrenological evaluation, but I can see that Steve King’s physiognomy indicates that he is the product of generations of inbreeding by violent deviants.

Steve King is like a character from Stephen King, a creepy ‘child of the corn’ or a malevolent, alien clown. He wanted to attack women’s rights, and he did it by attacking the entire human species. He needs to be wished into the cornfield in 2020.

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