Friday, August 2, 2019

Clowning Around

Being a big F/SF fan, I am a frequent visitor to the Tor Books website, and often post comments there. This week, there were two posts concerning clowns... the first being this week's entry for the big Lovecraftiana read (Michael Chabon's The God of Dark Laughter), the second being a post about the upcoming sequel to the remake (heh, indeed) of It. I am not a coulrophobe, yet not a juggalo... one might say that I am clown-agnostic (Quicksand Clown Porn is definitely not my bag).

Despite my relative indifference to clowns, one of my all-time favorite songs is Dave Davies' maudlin-yet-hilarious Death of a Clown. Scary clowns, dead clowns... I still haven't figured out why clowns are trending in my internet haunts this week.

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