Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Yesterday was 'Prep Day'

The big news story here is the nor'easter which is hammering the area... we're supposed to get anywhere from six to eighteen inches of snow before the storm abates. Tuesdays are typically a day off for me, but I brought the company cell phone home with me on Monday afternoon (I had to go to a staff meeting about changes to our retirement plan) so I could monitor conditions on the job if any of my subordinates had a problem getting to work. If the trains are running, I can get to the job in a pinch if there are any problems. I hope there are no problems.

I decided not to come in before the storm and camp out because I don't want to leave my neighbors in the lurch, sticking them with all of the snow-shoveling. I did all of my shopping on Sunday after work, braving the pre-storm crowds. My plan is to put together a big pot of sancocho (I worked in the South Bronx for fifteen years y conozco el sabor) and leaving it at a slow simmer while I shovel snow. Traditionally, I put a big pot of something, usually a rag├╣, on the stove during blizzards before going out to shovel snow. I haven't made a big pot of anything in a while... having all of winter condensed into a day and a half in March isn't typical.

I'm hoping I can sit at home all afternoon eating sancocho- I don't need to be standing on a train platform in a blizzard because there's a crisis at work.

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zombie rotten mcdonald said...

That storm dumped about 15 inches on Zombie Domicile, although other parts of Milwaukee got less.