Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Second Assassination

This week's big local story was a terrorist attack- a white supremacist fatally stabbed an elderly black man in the back. Now, that's deplorable, but even more deplorable was the manner in which Murdoch rag The New York Post covered the fatal hate crime. Not only did they describe the white perpetrator as 'well-dressed', but they reported the 66-year old victim's arrest record... news flash, he was the victim of the crime, stabbed in the back in cowardly fashion while collecting empty cans and bottles for the deposit redemption value. All too often, minority crime victims are treated as if they are the guilty parties- I'm surprised the 'Post' didn't write that Mr Caughman maliciously stained his killer's blade.

Timothy Caughman was assassinated by a white supremacist who wanted to kill a black man in the world's media capital... afterwards, his character was assassinated by a scurrilous rag in a white supremacist's media empire.


Labrys said...

Disgusting how that works, eh? We have a friend - a fellow veteran, whose daughter died this winter shortly after birthing twins. The local news reported her death as an overdose since she was black and died in her home on Tacoma's "Hilltop" neighborhood. The coroner called her dad to say she was dead and also said "overdose" before an autopsy OR toxicology screen was done. Its been weeks now, the woman was sick and feverish when she died and the toe-screen is STILL not back.

But yeah, dead black girl= overdose.

Assholes of the Press.

Emma said...

If it makes you feel better, even out here in Trump Country the rubes know the New York Post is a joke. They'd probably agree with its close, racist analysis of that particular crime, but they know it's a joke.

Buttermilk Sky said...

Good piece on Mr. Caughman here: