Thursday, March 30, 2017

Baby Bro's Birthday

It is our tradition on this day to wish a happy birthday to my baby brother, Gomez. Gomez retired as a major in the US Army a couple of years ago, and now works in Eastern Virginia, not too far from my mom and my sister. He has a sideline job as a hockey referee, and he coaches his daughter's ice hockey team as well. Gomez used to be a tiny little elf as a young boy, but grew into a brick house around age nine or so. It was a big joke in the family that, after high school hockey practice, as a goalie he would be approached by adult players who needed someone to tend goal (goalies are the drummers of hockey, they are in high demand because there aren't a lot of them), and would shock the hell out of them by replying, "I'll have to ask my mom if it's okay." Most of the other players assumed he was a college kid because of his size and his skill on the ice and in the net (for a goalie, he had great fundamental skating skills). It's good to know that, not only is he still playing, coaching, and ref-ing as an adult, but that his daughter shares his interest in the sport. If I'm not mistaken, he's good enough to be certified to referee on the collegiate level.

Happy birthday, baby brother, stay cool.

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