Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bowling for 'I Got Mine'

Amid the kerfuffle about the Republican 'healthcare' plan (which spends an inordinate amount of verbiage on lottery winners on Medicaid), Trump is trying to garner support for this Obamacare 'repeal and replace' by taking Republican lawmakers bowling in the White House bowling alley. It's a weird stratagem, unless 'taking them bowling' is a euphemism. At any rate, the GOP alternative to the hated Obamacare looks to be a big boon for billionaire health insurance execs and a shit sandwich for consumers (that premium hike looks worse than the Obamacare mandate by a longshot). The image of wealthy Republican lawmakers going bowling while discussing the removal of healthcare coverage from millions of Americans is grotesque- it's Bowling for 'I Got Mine'. Schadenfreude, though, is making me picture Trump's short fingers sliding out of the holes of all of the bowling balls in the White House... it's not enough to keep me from wanting to punch a wall (I have okay health insurance from the job). The whole sordid affair is a reminder of the utter banality of evil.

Given the nature of the alt-right Trump base, and their relationship to the GOP Congress, this song comes to mind:

I wonder how Dave Lowery's healthplan is...

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