Monday, October 25, 2010

Wanted to Post on the Night of the Full Moon

This time of year, I get my ass kicked by work (living at night isn't helping my complection). The ass-kicking is coming in two varieties- there are the yerba mate fueled all nighters and the eleven-hour (ten spent on my feet, running around) event logistics gigs... two different flavors of "bastard's getting his butt kicked", served up on a regular basis. I wanted to post something on Friday night/Saturday morning, but I was wiped out. When I finally had time to sit down, I spent my time lamenting the disappearance of record stores with one of my awesome co-workers (we also joked about how Nessun Dorma describes our schedules these days), and didn't have time to write.

Yesterday (the word hardly has a meaning for me anymore), I started work at 3PM, and am working straight through to 6AM- this has been a stretch combining the two different types of ass-kickery I am undergoing. Event bleeds into overnight, sore feet are traded in for tired eyes.

Anyway, I did experience an idyllic moment the night of the full moon- I had to kill a couple of floodlight arrays in a parking area, and found myself in a barren parking field, rendered an eldritch otherworld by the luminescent altar of the lupine lords, and I figured that I needed to post a Halloween/full moon themed music video, a charming ditty by the drouthy antipodes' Screaming Tribesmen:

I played the hell out of the Vampyre EP when I was a beardless boy- this is another one to crank up to full volume.


M. Bouffant said...

Watch that night shift stuff. I think (based on crap I've read on the Interfestation, so it's gotta be true) that it helped push me into full-on bi-polarity (on the depressive end of the axis).

Even though it has its advantages, it doesn't look like the best way to go. (As if any of us have much choice in the matter.)

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I tend to be pretty even keeled, and (truth to tell) my workplace is beautiful.

Although I am getting my ass kicked, we all have pretty good spirit. Hell, one of my co-workers provided me with a home-cooked three course dinner because I'd done a favor.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I like taking pictures of the moon, especially when it's full.

The orbs tend to be plentiful then.