Thursday, May 12, 2022

Woke Culture is Emasculating Dinosaurs!!!

Looks like the woke crowd is at it again, this time ruining dinosaurs!  In the American edition of British tabloid The Sun, some schmuck was complaining about an upcoming BBC program depicting a softer T. rex... WARNING: LINK GOES TO SUN.  Sure, predatory animals don't spend all of their time killing and eating other animals, but the libs are forcing images of dinosaurs engaging in family life to ruin men.

The conspiracy runs deep, and at least one 4Chan neonazi has detected a Jewish plot in the pushing of LGBT rex:

Ah, yes, the Rootless Cosmopolitans are at it again!

Here's another Brain Genius, commenting on a Vintage Dinosaur Art Facebook page, complaining about how the libs have ruined dinosaurs by discovering fossil evidence which forced a reassessment of what these animals looked like:

This is just a selection of a longer screed which is a farrago of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, and a stubborn refusal to read the most recent research on dinosaurs.  The entire manifesto can be heard, read by the hosts of the Minion Death Cult podcast:


That's right, zaftig chicks are ruining dinosaurs, and they're in it with the queers! Being a filthy lib, I've been down with the feathered dinosaur conspiracy for well over a decade.


bowtiejack said...

It's curious how all these conservative patriots, Q-Anoners,
lathered up militias and the rest of them always digging up
the next conspiracy or child-trafficking pizza parlor never
seem to notice the Russian asset status of their guy who
wanted to build the Trump Tower Moscow. Curious.

Richard said...

Don't worry so much. They are all lathered up. You could be killed for even using that verb. We are going to always be here.

Richard said...

Lather is a word we don't use much. It is like breaking in to a sweat after escaping danger. It is a horse word.

Anyway, that is how i understand that word. Go tell the local government.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...


Confirmation bias is one hell of a drug.

Don't worry so much

I'm not worried at all. I find this shit hilarious. They live such miserable lives, they are upset because recent scientific discoveries make them think that dinosaurs are being feminized. If only they knew the name and probable gender of the world's most famous T. rex specimen, it would make them despondent.