Tuesday, May 3, 2022

There Is But One News Item Now

The news pretty much blindsided me, because I spent much of last night gaming with old friends, avoiding news and commentary for a few hours of friendly competition and the jocularity which accompanies it.  When I finally became aware that an anonymous leaker had revealed Sam Alito (not going to call him a 'justice') had drafted an opinion calling the overturning of Roe vs Wade, I had a brief flashback to Spring 2020, when there was but one news item... the probable termination of legal abortion in much of the United States drives all other stories out of the headlines.

Already, 23 states have put into place legislation to outlaw abortion as soon as Roe is overturned.  Three years ago, I had a conversation with a friend regarding the people we'd have to hide if anti-immigrant policies got worse... today, I had a conversation with her about the people we'd have to help travel to get healthcare.  She made me swear I'd provide the bail money for her because she's going to fight this thing as hard as she can.  

Already, the abortion rights rallies are taking place, but I think that a general strike by all pro-choice women will be needed.  If women are relegated to second-class status by a Supreme Court dominated by justices nominated by popular vote losers, they should withdraw their contributions to society to force change.  Sure, voting in November is critical, but the same Supreme Court which is moving to strip women of their right to necessary reproductive care is also moving to strip them of their right to vote.

This court won't stop with Roe, if successful, they will move to overturn Obergefell and Lawrence vs Texas.  These people will never stop their culture war until they are stopped, and they need to be defeated now.


bowtiejack said...

A general strike is a great idea.

Anathema Device said...

"a general strike by all pro-choice women"

How about a strike by all pro-choice *people*? Since support for abortion rights is about 70% even with Republicans, that would really show them.

Not that they care, with their jobs for life, perfect healthcare and security arrangements.

I can't think straight for being angry about this. We only just decriminalised abortion in my state two years ago (fortunate when I had an abortion, it was in a much more enlightened country where I lived at the time.) To think a country like the US would go backwards this far, this fast, is horrifying and terrifying.

Biden doesn't want to risk the filibuster though, so nothing will change or improve.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Yeah, I was a bit hung up on the Icelandic strike- all pro-choice people should join in a general strike.