Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Meddling With the Primal Forces of Nature

Hungary's fascist head-of-stat Viktor Orbán is riding high these days.  He just won a fifth term in office and he hosted CPAC, the fascist freakshow of American movement conservatism.  It's no wonder that he's feeling a bit spicy, but I feel that he's about to experience a major setback:

Orbán assumed wartime powers due to the Russia-Ukraine war and is planning to use national security as a pretense for making multinational corporations pay a percentage of their 'excess profits' into Hungary's coffers to fight inflation and build up the military.  While I am somewhat sympathetic to the idea of clawing back 'excess profits' from multinational corporations to fund government, I don't believe Orbán is operating out of good faith.  At any rate, I don't see this turning out well for him or his regime.

Put succinctly, Orbán has meddled with the primal forces of nature.  I can easily see multinational corporations simply pulling out of Hungary.  I can even see him getting fragged by mercenaries on the payroll of Coca-Cola or Disney.


bowtiejack said...

Nailed it.
Somehow the Putins and Orbáns seem to forget
how that hubris thing works out.

Richard said...

Hungary is not an important country these days. All the dictators and GOP freaks just love this Orban guy. The only resource that country has is the location. Maybe they should try eco-tourism.

Ten Bears said...

I've always been real careful about how I talk about the Invisible Hand of the Market. Like karma and sleeping dogs, best left alone.