Thursday, February 10, 2022

Right Wing Fuckery I Could Get Behind

I'm on record as having no real interest in professional sports- I'd much rather watch a bunch of South Asian guys playing cricket in a park, or a bunch of Irish girls playing camogie.  To me, professional athletics, besides being a means to have taxpayers subsidize billionaires, are a Debordian spectacle, with no match being more of an overblown show of excess than the Super Bowl.  

While I think the Super Bowl is a silly display, I don't think it's evil, though I have a keen awareness that Right Wingers believe that the Super Bowl Halftime show is an Illuminati ritual, brazenly conducted in front of an audience of millions.  That is the context in which AZ GOP whacko Wendy Rogers' tweet about disrupting the Super Bowl must be analyzed:

I can get behind a convoy shutting down the Super Bowl, because it's a useless spectacle, attended by wealthy individuals (the cheapest tickets look like they cost almost six thousand dollars).  The idea of a bunch of Trumpers shutting down such an event is hilarious... I imagine that the local gendarmes would shut such a disruption down precisely because it would inconvenience the rich, moreso than they'd intervene in a convoy interfering with the freedom of movement of working people.

Do it, Trumpy truckers, punch up for once in your lives, see how the Powers that Be react to your intrusion into the bubble in which the most privileged Americans live.  Get that convoy mobilized and make the Super Bowl extra super!


Ten Bears said...

Oh Man! I hemmed and hawed all day yesterday over wither or no to post a "go ahead, convoy the stupor bowl, it's no bark off'a my shins" post. I didn't chicken out, it's just how the day memed out. I generally don't post about sports because I boycott them, and that's a part of the boycott good, bad or indifferent: not just don't watch 'em: don't read about, write about pay any attention to them. Don't breakfast at the bar, tailgate the parking lot - boycott the places that feature them.

Maybe later ...

Ali Redford said...
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Ali Redford said...

I could get behind this just for some giggles. DH loves football, plays Fantasy Football with pro players, but doesn't usually care about the Super Bowl other than the food spread and watching football. I don't care, either; I love cooking and used to enjoy the halftime show until Janet Jackson got solely blamed for Justin T tearing her top that one time. Let the Trumpys do their thing!

Richard said...

It is a weird thing. It is for young men, and their supporters. It is hard to explain. I don't participate because i don't live there anymore. Let them have their feast.

Just don't turn into bullys or nazis or monsters, that's all i ask.

Paul said...

As a Tampa Bay Bucs fan, I am wholly behind anything that would lead to a Rams Super Bowl loss. BOOOOOOOO! SUCK IT RAMS.

...oh wait, my political take on this. Right, sorry, thought this was for a second, my bad.

I wholly agree with you to watch the anti-vax wingnuts attack an upper-class audience with their vulgarity, and am hoping to see how a large megacorporate monopoly like the NFL will strike back against the wingnuts for crashing their trillion-dollar cash cow.

Now, back to the obsessive sports fandom. #FIRESCHIANO

Cthulhu said...

As an NSSE, something these idiot MAGAt truckers have never heard of, they're not going to get within many miles of the StupidBowl. Anyone remember Oklahoma City and what was done with a simple Ryder truck? A similarly loaded semi trailer would be orders of magnitude worse. Which is why it's NOT going to happen. These won't be the local yokels running security on this, it'll be the big boys, and they won't be impressed by the red ball caps. Any of these dipstick who try and force their way through the security cordon will find themselves with a chest full of 5.56 rounds.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight
1) Cincinnatti is in Ohio
2) Ohio votes for the 18th century and oppression = Thuglican/diaper don whenever possible
3)Bengals have not been in Superbowl for what 30 years??
4) Ohio is a big sports fans state.
5) So disrupting superbowl that the bengals finally reached is suppose to "own" the lib's by pissing off conservative football fanatics from a conservative state with purplish tendencies.
Have I got that right?