Wednesday, September 5, 2018

What a Week to Come Back to the News Cycle

Last weekend, I was staying in a remote area with spotty communications and no electricity, so I was in a blissful news blackout. Now that I am back in urban America, I have had a chance to catch up, and boy howdy is it a messed up news cycle. Trump is crying treason after the anonymous regime insider op-ed in the NYT, a theocratic authoritarian is probably going to be seated on the SCotUS, and things are generally looking like a shitshow. I should have stayed in the woods!

My favorite news story of the day was the three-ring circus that resulted from hearings regarding a made-up controversy over social media corporations 'shadowbanning' or otherwise censoring right-wing voices. This hearing featured such sideshows as moron Laura Loomer being drowned out by a GOP congresscritter 'auctioning off' her cellphone and Alex Jones accosting Marco Rubio during a break in the action- to his credit, Rubio doesn't even acknowledge that he recognizes Jones' name. I think it's funny to see so called 'free market' proponents trying to get government to force private corporations to grant them special privileges.

At any rate, the rest of the week promises to be just as nutso, and the allure of the North Woods becomes all the more appealing.

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