Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Annual Pride Day Post

Here's wishing all of my LGBTQ readers a happy Pride Day. The New York parade has a different route this year to accommodate more marchers. This year's parade should take on an added significance as a memorial for local gay rights pioneer Dick Leitsch, who died last week. Also, the Pride festivals feed into the Resistance movement because Trump has been bad for LGBTQ rights, among other things nominating judges who decide to legalize bigotry under the guise of religious freedom.

Since last year, I have had LGBTQ friends express to me their fears about the direction in which our government has been heading. One friend even told me that she was afraid to marry her partner because she was concerned that she'd end up on a watch list. As someone playing the game of Life on the Lowest Difficulty Setting, I can't even begin to comprehend that sort of fear.

Anyway, here's hoping that everyone is safe and happy on Pride Day. If things do get worse in the short term, you have friends and allies... and we'll figure out a way to make sure that things get better in the long term.

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