Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Somebody, Please, Think of the Wankers!

Seems like a lot of people, by which I mean d00dz, are upset that the Miss America pageant is dumping the swimsuit competition.


It’s getting so a guy can’t even catch a glimpse of ankle these days, so it’s no wonder that guys are in a tizzy. As if that weren’t bad enough, this is a harbinger of a slippery slope... next thing you know, Penthouse Magazine is going to feature architectural photos in the centerfold.


Ali Redford said...

Well, I'm old enough to recall the single piece swimsuits, before the high-cut leg one piece suits, before the two piece, not-bikini suits, before the bikinis.

Of course, I think getting rid of the swimsuit portion is excellent. But changes with that segment are not unprecedented. This time, they went the appropriate direction, and right to the best way.

Others's mileage may vary, of course! :-)

BroD said...

Which kind of means there's actually no point in holding the competition at all. We all understood that the other competitive criteria were just PC window dressing.

mcfrank said...

The pageant has basically been a relic for decades. It should have been put to sleep a while ago. It'll probably wheeze on for another couple two three years before quietly passing in its sleep.