Friday, June 22, 2018

Arbeit Macht Klug!

I am disconcerted by the Trump Maladministration's proposal to merge the Department of Labor and the Department of Education. On one level, it seems like another stupid Republican 'drown government in a bathtub' downsizing plan. Given the rise of children's internment camps throughout the country, such a merger takes on a more sinister edge- would merging Education and Labor pave the way for schools becoming child labor facilities? Just imagine, Ivanka Trump could put those tiny child hands to work making her crappy merchandise.

I am snarking here, but some of the children have apparently been whisked off by a DeVos funded 'charity', and I wouldn't put it past her to make them pack Amway products while charging the US taxpayers thousands of dollars per child to 'care' for children separated from their parents.

ADDENDUM: This makes my blood boil!


mikey said...

Heh. You're SO naive. It's cute.

Dood. I've BEEN incarcerated. You fuck up the shit you're supposed to be building/assembling. What are they gonna do, send you to fucking JAIL?

This is a terrible plan unless they can summarily execute malingerers and saboteurs on the factory floor. Because people?

Dood, come ON! We're really good at being assholes....

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I think kids can be cowed into submitting, and judging by the factories in the third world, adults too, but this is mainly satire.

Harry Hamid said...

They're apparently also in the early stages of taking HHS apart to create some sort of mega-department.

I'm really worried about the Department of Education thing because for years, it's seemed "they" want to throw away our public education system. I mean, big urban school districts like Houston Independent School District are about 9% white, meaning somewhere, there are a whole lot of upper middle class white people thinking "Why should I pay for my kid's private school AND your kid's public school, too?"

I am worried they're going to turn into baby sitting services.

Public schools served me well and anyway, I want an educated populace. I worry.

Ali Redford said...

I agree with Harry Hamid-I am hugely concerned about the Dept. of Ed.shakeup, and for the same reasons.