Monday, April 16, 2018

Oh, the Lewd Hannity?

Perhaps the greatest source of schadenfreude is the revelation that a moral scold is guilty of behavior that doesn’t jibe with the code of conduct he claims to espouse. That being said, it was a real hoot to learn that Fox’s Sean Hannity is a client of Trump’s incompetent ‘fixer’, Michael Cohen:

Given Cohen’s portfolio as a conduit for hush money payments to porn stars, it would be irresponsible not to speculate why Hannity would need to avail himself of his services. The funniest take on it that I have read was the suggestion that Seannie had a tryst with Milo Yabbadabbadopolous.

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mikey said...

Agree, but I'd quibble with your description of Cohen as 'incompetent'. The dood put together a remarkable life on the basis of a law degree and a lot of moxie. Ended up swimming in mud with sharks, but lived a millionaire's life, traveled the world, mostly spending other people's money, and fixing the little problems his truly wealthy pals found themselves involved in.

Cohen was, if anything, VERY competent. At a very rare highwire act that most people don't even realize is a real job (I don't think I did.). I'll say it again, they were all living la vida loca and then Trump when and fucked the whole deal up by getting elected president.

The WORST decision of his life...