Monday, April 9, 2018


I'm not a timorous fellow, but I am concerned that the ascent of John Bolton to the position of national security advisor bodes ill for the nation. With Trump 'vowing' a response to a suspected chemical attack in Syria, and the FBI's seizure of Michael Cohen's records, I really think that the Trump maladministration may escalate the American role in the Syrian conflict. Even worse, with a psycho like Bolton having the president's ear, I am concerned that any escalation may blow up into an an attack on Iran. The neocons have always had a hardon for Iran, and even though some of them joined the 'never Trump' contingent, I think that an attack on Iran would bring all of them to Trump's yard.


Harry Hamid said...

Yeah, I'm increasingly concerned about the US getting into another fight. First, it would provide a needed distraction from... well, everything else.

Second, it would provide a good talking point to contrast the President with Obama and Obama's famous "line in the sand" concerning Syria.

Finally, no one seems to understand that Iran is 3x bigger with 5x the people of Iraq, which many on the Right convinced themselves we only messed up in because we were holding ourselves back.

Stay tuned...

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

It's especially disconcerting when Trump is a cornered rat.

Michael Hyatt said...

Trump needs a war.

War with NorKor would be messy, with a million friendly casualties in SouKor and Japan.

Iran was always going to be the target. Bolton has been itching for war with Iran for decades - indeed, the Cheney/Bolton plan was to move directly from Iraq to Iran, but they couldn't figure out how to bring Iraq to a close and shift their forces.

Interestingly, Bolton wrote an oped earlier this year where he predicted US military regime change in Iran by the end of 2018!

And you're absolutely right. What's the pretense for the war? Well, if you can't create a credible 'incident' in the Persian Gulf, you listen to noted strategist Bibi Netanyahu and attack the Iranians and Hezbollah for their presence in Syria.

Eventually, you have to bomb Iran to protect your forces in Syria, right?

But here's the thing. There WON'T be an invasion/occupation of Iran. Not by the US - Maybe a Saudi/UAE/Israel coalition will try it, but in a nation that size, with that kind of terrain, you're going to get bogged down and chopped up.

Go ask Saddam what a ground war in Iran is like....

jim said...

WARNING: Dipshits in control may be less lucid than they appear. Proceed at your own risk.

Also: my portent of TEH 3ND T1MEZ - let me show you it.

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