Sunday, April 29, 2018

Bodyshame Boomerang

The big topic on certain midsized liberal blogs has been the threat posed by 'involuntarily celibate' men in the wake of the 'incel' terrorist attack in Toronto and the subsequent bloviation by an
'academic' who suggested a morally repugnant 'sexual redistribution' scheme. Note, thinking of sex as a commodity is creepy- sex is communication, recreation, procreation, and should be shared by consenting adults, preferably in committed relationships... it's not like pork bellies or tungsten.

Wading through the filth of the 'blackpilled' groups, I noticed a bizarre fixation with physical attributes that well-adjusted people tend not to even notice. This became especially apparent when a CHUD (Celibate Horrible Undesirable Deplorable, as opposed to Chad) started whining in this comment thread about how Chad's rock-hard jawline and physical features brought all of the women to his yard. This individual then made reference to his negative canthal tilt and wrote an all-caps cri du cul about how someone else should pay for 'corrective' plastic surgery. Yeah, you read that right- these idiots are obsessed with such physiognomical features as canthal tilt and philtrum to chin ratios... there is a meme about how the difference between Chad and a 'beta' male is just a few millimeters of bone. Suddenly, something clicked in my mind- these CHUDs were gaslighting each other and themselves about appearance.

There has been a long, disgusting history of bodyshaming women, lately a lot of it is in service to the Beauty Industrial Complex, though trolls engage in it for their entertainment. It's so bad that even a supremely physically conditioned woman is subject to bodyshaming. In an infamous 4chan hoax, a troglodyte tried to conjure up yet another physical attribute with which to cudgel women- the bikini bridge. Social media was yet again being weaponized against women. It seems to me that this bodyshaming has now boomeranged against the malcontents who seem to infest the 'chans' and make up the 'incel' community. The canthal tilt is the equivalent of the bikini bridge- the /B/tards were hoist on their own petards. I'd almost feel sorry for these creeps, but they are causing a lot of harm to innocent people.


Harry Hamid said...

I believe there might be something to the idea that lonely losers are responsible for a disproportionate amount of terrorism.

I say this as someone who basically fits an FBI profile: Quiet guy, keeps to himself, etc.

When I was in college, my lonely loser friends were all convinced that their lives would be great if only they could find a girlfriend, and that really fueled a hatred or fear of various groups or conditions they considered responsible for their problems.

I never went that route, in part because I realized early on that having a significant other caused more problems than it solved...

I've now added "blackpilled" to my vocabulary.

mikey said...

I find all this kind of fascinating, repellent though it is. This focus on appearance - as if these idiots only were a little prettier they could get laid - is as wrongheaded as it is bizarre.

I'd tell them Look, everybody wants to fuck. Just be polite, charming, maybe funny or maybe tough and enigmatic, but don't be a whiny asshole who makes everybody around him creep out, and you WILL get laid, regularly.

If they could only realize that it's their behavior, not their appearance that keeps them celibate, they could fix it themselves. And if we gave this dood his plastic surgery, I suspect he'd be very disappointed to find that everybody still hates him...

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