Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Annual Run-Up to the Solemn Feast of St Patrick Begins

In keeping with our annual tradition, every March I put up a series of videos of Irish music, trad and otherwise. I'm going to kick this year's countdown off with a great folk-rock number by the terrific (and Bastard-approved) band Horslips. King of the Fairies is a traditional set dance, which takes on a particular awesomeness when given the rooftop rock-out treatment, complete with awesome 70s 'staches and wide collars:

Me being me, my favorite part is the tin whistle solo beginning at the 2:23 mark. Damn, that's some badass tootling!

The "fairies" of Irish folklore are a far cry from the "Tinkerbell" style little winged critters. More properly known as the Aos Sí, they are the remnants of the old pagan gods of Ireland, the Tuatha Dé Danann, a entirely more "dangerous" category of otherworldly beings than that of the nursery tales. As one noted folklorist described them:

They're the things that you see
When you wake up and scream
The cold things that follow you
Down the boreen
They live in the small ring of trees on the hill
Up at the top of the field

Nobody's going to be clapping to keep these types alive!


Chickpea said...

I bought a tin whistle when I was in Ireland a few years ago. I never did learn to play it.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Is samba with a tin whistle a thing? I could be, if you practiced!

Sirius Lunacy said...

Does this count?