Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Carlos Danger's Weiner

I live about four blocks north of the Bronx, so I am not eligible to vote in the upcoming NYC mayoral elections, but I do follow NYC politics, as the fate of the City of Y______ is inextricably intertwined with that of NYC. Personally, I prefer John Liu, the city's current comptroller, but this post is about Anthony Weiner. Yeah, Weiner... he was recently forced to admit that, even after the fallout from the Snapadickpic scandal abated, he was engaged in "sexting" with a young lady. Cazzo di merda, Weiner, these aren't even real sex scandals, they're just juvenile stunts... I mean, he blew his Congressional gig and his mayoral election, and he didn't even get off? Bill Clinton would've made sure he got his casbah rocked, but Weiner's just a wannabe.

The whole sordid Weiner tale just reeks of a weird combination of hubris and numbnuttery. Weiner has an attractive and accomplished wife, but he spends his free time sending sexually charged missives to young women that he meets online? Sheesh, I think he likes the power trip that he feels from stringing along women barely old enough to vote for him, but his self-preservation skills are a little underdeveloped. Seriously, the guy has impulse control issues, and his lack of judgment should render him unfit to be the mayor of Palookaville, much less the Big Apple. And really, "Carlos Danger" was his pseudonym? It sounds like a character from a rejected "Austin Powers" sequel. Couldn't he have used a more clever nickname, like Miles O'Toole, or Anthony Weiner?

I think that, after this grilling, Weiner is done. He really needs to seek help with his sexting problem. The New York City public certainly doesn't need this weiner running the show. Frankly, Weiner's wife should consider tossing him out on his buns.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I find it sad that Weiner's wiener is a bigger source of controversy than Mayor Bloomberg's offenses against free speech, and other offenses in defense of the 1%.

But that is the country we live in. And it's getting worse.

HARUMPH. You kids get offa my lawn. (Butterflies and umbrella frogs can stay.)

mikey said...

I think we're doing a whole bunch of this wrong. We need to decide upfront what disqualifies a candidate from participating in an election.

If Weiner wants to run his weeener for public office, and he otherwise qualifies to be on the ballot, then so what? Let the people decide if the best administrator might have an unusual proclivity for publishing pictures of his genitalia. (I have to admit I had more fun writing that sentence than you had reading it.)

Make clear rules, and beyond that, it's democracy, because in a world where we can't limit the second amendment and we can't enforce the fourth amendment, maybe some kind of genuine experience of functional liberty might just save us a little bit...