Sunday, June 19, 2011

Background to the Odious Neal Boortz? NOOO!!!

Protip: When blowing a racist dogwhistle, the whistle should be inaudible. Boorish Neal's racist call for corpse-littered landscapes has been discussed elsewhere, so I am just going to comment that I'm really pissed off that the music in the background is Kraftwerk's Tour De France. Tour de France was always played on the Bronx Bourough Hall steps as the riders would assemble for the Tour de Bronx. Kraftwerk's music has been popular among the "urban" set ever since Afrika Bambaataa sampled Trans Europe Express and Numbers in his seminal hip-hop singlePlanet Rock. I'm so mad I could jam a Moog up Boortz' fundament. Neal should use music beds by acts that are more in accordance with his views- Prussian Blue is more appropriate for his purposes.

Here's Tour de France as it should be heard (actually, it should be heard blaring from a huge set of speakers on the Borough Hall steps on a crisp October morning, after a glorious ride down the Grand Concourse, as riders gather before the kickoff of the main leg of the terrific Tour de Bronx), not as background to the racist ranting of a right-wing hack:

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I thought, "media matters?"

Did I comment on that post? But no. I do see plenty of trolling by the wingnut apologist/racist 'dave', though.